New Partnership Will Deploy COVID-19 and Other Pathogen Detecting Canines Worldwide

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Priority One Canine (P1K9), known worldwide for their elite canine protection force, is excited to announce a joint venture with French biotechnology company Neovacs using emerging technology to elevate canine services and security. The acquisition of the U.S. based company Bio Detection K9 further continues the efforts by the French government, aligning forces in the fight against COVID-19 and other pathogens. 

“We are thrilled to have formed a joint venture with France-based Neovacs, continuing the efforts of the French government to deploy a national program for COVID-19 detection using K9 assets,” said Wade Morrell, CEO of P1K9. “Seven years after our first appearance on Shark Tank as a startup, and millions of dollars in sales later, P1K9 is extremely proud to close this deal with the support of this COVID-focused biotechnology company.” 

Bio Detection K9 specializes in the scientific research, development and implementation of canine detection services that address current threats such as COVID-19 and emerging threats of additional biological contagions. The company intends to deploy COVID detecting K9 assets around the world, which will allow the general population to resume life in which they can safely attend much-needed social gatherings and sporting events.

“I am very excited for Bio Detection K9 to join forces with Priority One Canine, the premier brand in the canine market,” announced Jerry Johnson, Bio Detection K9 President. “For the past decade, we have partnered with U.S. government agencies to develop propriety technologies to detect and contain invasive pathogens in the agriculture space with our detection dogs. Using this same technology, we have created proprietary protocols to address virtually any disease or pathogen, whether it affects plants, animals or humans.” 

Bio Detection K9 is the global leader in canine COVID-19 detection. Dr. Bill Schneider, the company’s Chief Medical Officer, has developed all the proprietary protocols to train the dogs to detect pathogens, including COVID-19 has been awarded numerous grants by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. According to Johnson, the decision to partner with Priority One Canine was an obvious choice.  He notes, “Wade Morrell has a proven track record as a leader in combining traditional canine services with emerging technology and innovation. His vision was very clearly aligned with what we wanted to accomplish.”

Morrell added, “While the global COVID-19 pandemic remains our primary focus, we will continue to develop new technologies to address global health issues ranging from future emerging pandemics to preventing famines caused by pathogen induced crop failure. The combination of P1K9 and Bio Detection K9 will revolutionize the way the world views a dog’s ability to detect, diagnose and prevent health concerns on a global scale in the future.”