Our Services

Bio Detection K9™ (BDK9) is a world leader in canine and technology-based services to detect viruses and pathogens in both agricultural settings and human hosts. With ten years of government and private contract past performance in plant-based pathogen detection, BDK9 works alongside leading scientific institutions to develop the latest technology in canine services for the COVID-19 pandemic, medical applications, and beyond.

Thanks to their extraordinary sense of smell, dogs have long assisted humans in tasks ranging from bomb detection to search-and-rescue operations. Today, the scientists and technology experts driving BDK9 are employing these proven methods to blaze new trails in both agricultural and human biohazard security.

BDK9 Precision Agriculture Bio Detection Services. With help from specially programmed drones and satellite imagery, our canines can detect plant diseases faster and more accurately than traditional testing. Our services have helped pinpoint single or multiple pathogens in crops covering thousands of acres.

BDK9 Human Host Bio Detection Services can screen hundreds of people an hour for COVID-19 in busy places such as airports, sports stadiums, schools and places of business. Our skilled handlers and expertly trained dogs make the process seamless, accurate and efficient.