Canine COVID-19 Screening

BDK9’s teams of dogs and humans can scan hundreds of people per hour at just $2 per person, with the same accuracy as a standard PCR test. It’s possible through a combination of years of research, biotechnology, precision training, canine personality, and human handling.


Isolate and disarm
the pathogen

We create a completely safe and non-infectious proprietary training aid that recreates the scent of the viral particle.


Train the bio

The dogs learn to detect the training aid, and in the process are taught to directly detect the target virus. For human host pathogen detection, BDK9 selects dogs that remain calm and composed around crowds.



In the airport, stadium or other public venue, attendees are asked to wear a disposable mask for ten minutes. Regular breathing in the mask provides a sample for the canines to inspect.

Search for

Attendees line up, holding their masks in their left hands. A bio detection canine and handler walk down the line. The dog – which can smell up to 100 million times better than humans – seeks out the scent of COVID-19. If the dog detects the virus, the result is double-checked with a standard PCR test.