COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bio Detection K9 (BDK9) is excited to announce it has opened a new facility. Set on two acres of land in Zanesville, the 5,000 square foot building has been completely renovated and remodeled to accommodate the company’s growing needs. With 40 kennels, multiple training rooms, and corporate offices on site, the space will be the main location for the mission-critical canine training programs the company conducts, as well as a range of research and development initiatives.

Bio Detection K9 specializes in the scientific research, development, and implementation of canine detection services that address current threats, such as COVID-19 and many biological contagions. This new facility will provide a training space for their elite team of canines to detect both human and plant pathogens. It also features a fully equipped lab, where harmless and deactivated pathogen extracts will be stored for such training.

“We’re thrilled to move into this new space that has been customized to address all of our needs, with room for expansion to support our growth in the future,” commented Wade Morrell, CEO of BDK9. “These new training rooms have been designed to streamline the training process, and they are isolated from the kennels to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination at all times.”

BDK9 works with canines and cutting-edge technology to identify disease in both humans and agriculture. Their dogs are trained to isolate individual pathogens with unparalleled accuracy and specificity. All training is performed safely, and Bio Detection Canines™ are unharmed during the process.