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Premiering Canine Cannabis Mold Detection to the Commercial Market

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Bio Detection K9 (BDK9), a Priority One Canine Company (P1K9) and the global leader in canine COVID-19 detection, along with Green Stripe Naturals (GSN), one of the first movers in the global medical cannabis industry in Jamaica, is proud to announce their new joint venture, Cannabis Bio Detection K9 (CBDK9). 

The detection of mold is very human labor intensive, inefficient and unreliable, and due to overwhelming mold infestations in cannabis crops, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost each year. Cannabis Bio Detection K9 will be the first company ever to combat these infestations using early detection tactics through their proprietary canine testing and technology. This new venture will use dogs combined with drone technology and real time intelligence to help save the cannabis industry millions of dollars annually in lost crops at a global level. 

“I’m thrilled to partner with Wayne and Green Stripe Naturals,” stated Wade Morrell, CEO of Bio Detection K9. “Wayne is constantly thinking outside the box. His drive to not only take GSN to new markets but to also keep an open mind in the research and development of the detection of mold in cannabis is second to none. This partnership is going to change the way the cannabis industry protects their product from mold and other diseases and mitigates substantial yearly losses.”

Jamaica is subject to many potential hazardous microclimate elements, like excessive heat and moisture, tropical storms, excessive rains and drastically varying day and night temperatures, all which could result in mold development and propagation. The Green Stripe Naturals facility in Jamaica is an ideal testing ground to prove the efficacy of the program and continue to develop more advanced versions of the technology as more mold propagation elements are identified. Cannabis Bio Detection K9 will utilize Bio Detection K9’s training and technology while GSN tests the efficacy of the technology at its licensed medical cannabis facility. Green Stripe Naturals has the advantage of year-round cultivation thanks to its indoor and outdoor growing environments. This strategic location, along with the ability to continuously train the canines without seasonal interruptions, will prove most beneficial to the worldwide cannabis industry, and will ensure these highly trained canines can be always available for service.

“We have assembled a team of highly skilled cultivators, processors, scientists and agriculturists who are all familiar with and have had extensive experience working in Jamaica with various Jamaican cannabis strains,” explained Wayne Isaacs, CEO of Green Stripe Naturals. “The idea of protecting this investment is paramount and creating Cannabis Bio Detection K9 is the best way to do just that.” 

There are numerous climatic factors that could cause the sudden growth of mold. However, since the dogs will be residing at the GSN cultivation facility on a full-time basis, CBDK9 will be able to deploy them at any time to ensure they can detect the very early stages of mold development. This will also allow any farm to enact their mold mitigation / treatment protocols and save entire fields of crops. 

CBDK9 plans to begin training in Jamaica by early 2022 and testing will commence as soon as the dogs arrive. From there, the team will develop testing and identification protocols to ensure the dogs can and will identify the presence of mold on a cannabis plant. This will be integrated with a smart technology solution that will localize and isolate infected plants and generate real time intelligence so operators can immediately treat these plants and minimize potential crop losses due to the manifestation of mold. The technology in 2022 will be on site for the customer commercially and available from any internet-based platform. Once trained, CBDK9 plans to deploy the canines around the world, saving crops internationally.