Bio-Detection K9™, "A Priority 1 Canine Company", has recently developed a cutting-edge, safe COVID-19 Training aid, which is yielding a 99% detection proficiency in our Bio Detection K9s™. Ensuring the most cost-effective, proficient answer to COVID-19 detection on the market today.

We have leveraged our canine portfolios seven years of USDA contract past performance in plant-based virus detection, as well as our current partnerships, working alongside multiple leading scientific institutes in Bio Detection. Our canines can screen hundreds of people an hour in busy places such as airports, sports stadiums, schools, and places of business, and are more efficient and cost-effective to run than conventional testing methods.



Our team has over 100 years of combined K9, special forces, and military experience. Our key executives have mobilized, sustained, and commanded some of the largest canine deployments worldwide in hostile environments.


Our technology solutions including our video management system, information management system and warehouse management system make it easy to streamline processes to maintain compliance.

Financial Stability

Financially stable partners are critical for any successful partnership. We are backed by Priority 1 Canine which gives us the financial backing we need to cover initial CAPEX & startup costs, offset risk, and sustain operations.


The COVID-19 Detection™ canines were 98-99% accurate in double blinded validation studies using clinical samples and actual humans. In addition, preliminary data indicates that the COVID detector canines were more effective than polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests at detecting early asymptomatic infections. These accuracy levels are right in line with what we have achieved for detecting other pathogens.


Due to our existing relationships with cargo, sporting arenas, concert settings, schools, and other places of business, we have a need to help our customers get back to day-to-day operations. We believe that with the deployment of Bio Detection™ canines, we can provide a cost effective, efficient, and non-invasive screening solution. We have developed an established team, a proven method of screening, and a solution to make a difference in today’s pandemic.